Bioretention In The Real World

Welcome to Bioretention in the Real World.

First up, thank you for choosing to take our course. It means a lot that you have chosen to learn from us!

In this course you will learn how bioretention systems work. That might leave you thinking that you're about to learn about the six (nine, three two?) elements that make up a bioretention system and theoretically what they each do. While that is a part of it, its not the whole of it. What this course actually does is immerse you in bioretention systems such that you can teach yourself how they work in a nuanced, detailed, integrated and coordinated fashion.

If you look below, you will see that there is a lot in this course. Please don't freak out too much! Instead, take a look at the very first lesson (it's in Module 1 - Element 1). It will give you a tailored roadmap for how to use the course based on your level of experience.

Enjoy your bioretention learning experience!

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